Tunnel Radio Repeater

Tunnel Radio FM broadcast repeater transmitter


The TX-FMBR1 is a 1W VHF FM Broadcast Exciter Transmitter with integral PLL MPX Broadcast Receiver.

Although suitable for many varied applications, the unit is primarily designed for low power rebroadcast systems using 'Radiating Cable' antenna systems.

With expert installation and a suitable environment, same-channel operation is possible at very low powers.

Use in road tunnels is a key application, so an external input is available for emergency 'break-in' announcements, plus an integral RDS encoder which broadcasts an RDS alarm signal.

Both the receiver and transmitter can be set to any frequency from 87.5MHz to 108.0MHz. Thanks to digital receiver IF stages and the latest Front End technology, faithful re-transmission of the parent station - including the stereo and RDS subcarriers is ensured.

In multiple channel installations, each unit can be given its own address and remotely controlled and monitored, via an industry standard RS485 protocol. 5V / 12V remote control and status signalling is also available via a 9-way D-sub connection.

The TX-FMBR1 has also found deployment in test labs, as a source generator for FM and RDS receiver test and development.

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