5 Watt FM Transmitter

5 Watt FM broadcast transmitter with integrated DSP Audio Processing and RDS functionality


The FMTX5 is a fully integrated 5W stereo FM broadcast system with DSP audio processing, stereo encoder and RDS generator in a single, highly compact product. The result is a complete audio-to-RF transmission system for cost conscious radio stations who demand uncompromising performance.

The RF Output Level an be adjusted in 100mW steps from 0.3 Watts (minimum) to 5 Watts (maximum) output.

It also features a baseband multiplex input, for applications using external audio processors and RDS encoders, or analogue baseband STLs (Studio-Transmitter Links).

The integrated DSP stereo audio processor is a true broadcast system, featuring slow gain control, split-band compression, and composite clipping with digital FIR 15kHz filtering. Despite the lack of flashy controls and lights, it uses the same technology and principles as expensive broadcast audio processors. A choice of expertly perfected presets are available to suit a range of programme formats.

The internal RDS encoder can operate in standalone mode, without the need for a data feed to the transmission site. Content can be uploaded via the FMTX5's USB port, using a WindowsTM PC or Laptop running our free software program. This content is saved in non-volatile memory while the unit is powered down. Additionally, if desired, dynamic updates of the RadioTEXT message can also be implemented via RS-232 (or via an optional TCP/IP Device Server). This is commonly used to broadcast the artist and title of tracks being played.

A network (TCP/IP Ethernet) connection is also provided, to enable remote web page monitoring and control.

The FMTX5 does not have any fans to replace, and uses carefully specified components to provide a long, maintenance-free service life.

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