Lucoro Broadcast is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of all-in-one FM Broadcast Transmitters which include a 5-band Audio Processor, Stereo Encoder and RDS Encoder. So one box provides a complete FM stereo service with RDS with no extra cost of buying these essential parts separately.

These could be used for:

- Independent radio service
- Community radio service
- FM Networks - Special events broadcasting
- Emergency FM radio broadcast

- As a 'full chain' back-up system
They feature:
- High RF output power
- Stereo audio processor
- RDS encoder
- High quality linear PLL modulator
- Latest enhancement mode FET RF amplifier

Within these FM Broadcast transmitters, the audio processor provides intelligent Automatic Gain Control, and is followed by a 5-band Compressor/Limiter, plus clipping and filtering. Slow 'gain riding' optimises long-term audio level variations, but prevents undesirable changes during silence. The multi-band limiter perfectly controls the sonic signature of all types of program material, making any format type - from talk shows to hit music formats - loud and clear. A digital 15kHz FIR filter protects subcarrier integrity, without compromising passband audio quality. The processing transparently adapt to all audio source material and means an end to the expensive lights and buttons usually associated with audio processors. It also makes lengthy user set-up a thing of the past. The pre-set, pre-aligned processor has been created in our Lab using specialist modulation power analysis, by broadcast engineers with over 20 years of FM processing experience. The end result is a 'plug and go' FM broadcast solution, which will stand out on every listeners' tuning dial.

The Stereo Encoder with impressive audio separation and detail. Furthermore, the RDS encoder uses direct digital waveform synthesis for clean, perfect generation of the 57kHz subcarrier. As well as PS (station name) information, extended features - including RadioTEXT, Alternative Frequency and Traffic Announcement content are also broadcast. Being standalone, the integrated RDS generator doesn't require a dedicated computer or data feed. If desired, the user can change the content at any time, using a Windows(TM) Laptop or PC, plugged into the transmitter's USB port.

Professional audio grade components and the very latest surface mount technology are used throughout. At the heart of these FM Transmitters is a high quality PLL modulator, and the RF Power Amplifier uses the latest high-gain Enhancement Mode MOSFET device, achieving new levels of efficiency and reliability. TTL remote monitoring and switching allows them to be easily integrated into automated back-up applications. An audio silence alarm, plus remote RDS TA control is also provided.

FM Broadcast Transmitter

FM Broadcast Transmitter

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